Shining a light on remarkable Arizona brands, one episode at a time.


What does it mean to be a brand in AZ? What is Arizona’s unique essence? What are principles of great brands that we can apply to brands in Arizona?

Join two brand strategists as we explore these and other important questions. And don’t be surprised if there’s some whiskey sipping and tomfoolery along the way.

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Latest Podcast Episodes

Episode 53 // Sentari Minor Head of Strategy at evolvedMD

Today we're super excited to have Sentari Minor - Head of Strategy for evolvedMD joining the AZ Brandcast Sentari is passionate about bringing the best out of individuals and entities. His love languages are strategy, storytelling, and social impact. As Head of...

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Episode 52 // UDA with Roxy Helman and Ashley Ellixson

Today I’m super excited to have to join me from UDA : Roxy Helman, Sr. Communications Manager, and Ashley Ellison, Chief Business Operations Officer (C-BOO).  UDA is Arizona’s original dairy co-operative producing and providing a wide variety of dairy products and...

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Chris Stadler

Chris Stadler

Student of Brand Leadership

“Most branding is just decoration. Brands needs process and discipline to turn internal ideas into market leadership.”

Chris focuses on the leadership part of branding…that leader and the surrounding group of the inside, that really cares about the right things…and builds that into truthful communication that differentiates the brand.

Black coffee, lean workouts, deeper meanings.

Higher purpose: be a challenging influence on those around me, so they become strong.

Drop Chris a line at chris@chrisstadler.com

Mike Jones

Mike Jones

Brand Builder

Remarkable brands require authenticity and a deep commitment to values and purpose. Mike passionately pursues these beliefs with clients as the Managing Partner at Resound – a brand agency. In recognition of the work he’s done for clients and building Resound, he was named one of Arizona’s top 35 entrepreneurs 35 and younger in 2014.

Over the last 12 years he’s built experiences for hundreds of global and local brands including some awesome ones that call Arizona home (Infusionsoft, AppointmentPlus, Shamrock Farms, and Henry+Horne, to name a few).

Marrying his passions for branding, design, and history, Mike co-founded a niche apparel brand – Taftly – that celebrates the lesser-known people and events of the United States’ political history. Apparently, their shirts are all the rage with high school history teachers.

Mike lives in very sunny Mesa, AZ with his wife and two kids. When he’s not working his ass off or hanging with his family, Mike’s usually found sipping a cup of home-roasted coffee and reading a history book (or…watching history videos on YouTube).

If you want to contact Mike, shoot an email to mike@resoundcreative.com or connect with him on Twitter.